Graph layout algorithms in pure Julia
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This package will only work on very old version of Julia. As of 2020 May, might be what you want. Good luck!


Graph layout and visualization algorithms, implemented in Julia.

The package currently implements the following layout methods:

The visualizations are created using Compose.jl, enabling output to a variety of vector and raster image formats. The hierarchical drawing algorithm has multiple components, some of which can use exact algorithms instead of heuristics. To use these components JuMP and a suitable solver should be installed - JuMP will be automatically installed, but a solver will not.

GraphLayouts.jl is not a comprehensive graph visualization option yet, and may never be. Please consider using a more mature library. Some related packages may meet your needs:


If you have it installed you can plot the resulting graph layouts:



MIT License. Copyright (c) 2016 Iain Dunning and contributors.