The unofficial Julia API wrapper for HackerNews :fire:
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The unofficial Julia API for Hackernews 🔥

See Hacker News API


Since HackerNews is registered in official Julia Registry, you can directly install it.

julia> ]
(v1.0) pkg> add HackerNews

How it works?

The API is fairly simple to use and there isn't much required to get up and running.

Getting all the routes available to be used

The package provides a HackerNews.HNApiRoute which represents all the routes that the Hackernews API can handle. You can get a list of all available routes by typing,

julia> subtypes(HackerNews.HNApiRoute)
8-element Array{Union{DataType, UnionAll},1}:

Getting maxitem

julia> using HackerNews

julia> maxitem = HackerNews.HN(HackerNews.MaxItem)

julia> HackerNews.getinfo(maxitem)
INFO: fetching maxitem..
INFO: generating post data...
1-element Array{HackerNews.HNPost,1}:
 HackerNews.HNPost(Dict{String,Any}(Pair{String,Any}("by", ...)

Getting topstories, newstories, beststories, askstories, showstories and jobstories

julia> topstories = HackerNews.HN(HackerNews.TopStories, 2)
HackerNews.HN(HackerNews.TopStories, 2, false)

julia> result = HackerNews.getinfo(topstories)
INFO: fetching HackerNews.TopStories...
INFO: generating post data...
2-element Array{HackerNews.HNPost,1}:
 HackerNews.HNPost(Dict{String,Any}(Pair{String,Any}("by", ....)
 HackerNews.HNPost(Dict{String,Any}(Pair{String,Any}("by", ...)

# getting the type of result 
julia> typeof(result)

# data field respresnt the raw Hackernews API response
julia> result[1].data
Dict{String,Any} with 8 entries:
  "by"          => "KKKKkkkk1"
  "descendants" => 0
  "score"       => 7
  "time"        => 1520836426
  "id"          => 16566536
  "title"       => "Intel Fights for Its Future"
  "type"        => "story"
  "url"         => "https://mondaynote.com/intel-fights-for-its-future-6498f886992b"

# accessing data using fields, AWESOME!
julia> result[1].id

julia> result[1].by

julia> result[1].title
"Intel Fights for Its Future"

Getting updates

Updates can be related to profiles as well as posts,

  • for User updates, set user_related=true while instantiating the HN type object
  • for Item updates, HN follows default settings which is user_related=false
# posts related updates
julia> item_updates = HackerNews.HN(HackerNews.Updates, 1, false)
HackerNews.HN(HackerNews.Updates, 1, false)

julia> HackerNews.getinfo(item_updates)
INFO: fetching updates..
INFO: generating post data...
1-element Array{HackerNews.HNPost,1}:
 HackerNews.HNPost(Dict{String,Any}(Pair{String,Any}("by", ...) 

# user related updates
julia> user_updates = HackerNews.HN(HackerNews.Updates, 1, true)
HackerNews.HN(HackerNews.Updates, 1, true)

julia> HackerNews.getinfo(user_updates)
INFO: fetching updates..
INFO: generating user data...
1-element Array{HackerNews.HNUser,1}:
 HackerNews.HNUser(Dict{String,Any}(Pair{String,Any}("submitted", Any[...])

Getting user information

julia> HackerNews.getuser("pg")
HackerNews.HNUser(Dict{String,Any}(Pair{String,Any}("submitted", ...)

# get the raw Hackernews api result inside data field
julia> HackerNews.getuser("pg").data
Dict{String,Any} with 5 entries:
  "submitted" => Any[10484520, 10071788, 10071052, 10071018, 10070939, 10070787, 10070703, 10070527, 10070299, 1007017536, 34, 31, 22, …
  "karma"     => 155111
  "about"     => "Bug fixer."
  "id"        => "pg"
  "created"   => 1160418092

# Again, awesome!
julia> HackerNews.getuser("pg").id

julia> HackerNews.getuser("pg").karma

Facing issues? 😱

  • Open a PR with the detailed expaination of the issue.
  • Reach me out here

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