A refined implementation of Lightweighted Higher Kinded Types in Julia(via typeclasses/traits)
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It's full featured but has performance issues now.

Also, without structural function types, some advanced polymorhisms might not be that useful, unless you feel okay to annotate functions here and there.

I made this for using tagless-final style in Julia.


using HigherKindedPolymorphisms

abstract type VectSig end
@def_hkt VectSig{T} where T = Vector{T}

using CanonicalTraits
import FunctionWrappers: FunctionWrapper

Fn{A, B} = FunctionWrapper{B, Tuple{A}}
@trait Functor{F} begin
    fmap :: [Fn{A, B}, App{F, A}] where {A, B} => App{F, B}

@implement Functor{VectSig} begin
    fmap(f :: Fn{A, B}, a::App{VectSig, A}) where {A, B} =
        B[f(e) for e in prj(a)] |> inj

f = Fn{Int, String)(string)
a = inj([1, 2, 3])
fmap(f, a) |> prj

#=> ["1", "2", "3"]