Hilbert Space Filling Curve for Julia
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Bindings for Doug Moore's Fast Hilbert Curve Generation. Windows is not supported.



Convert the linear index d into ndims-dimensional coordinates p :

p = hilbert(d::T, ndims, nbits = 32) where T <: Integer

Convert the ndims-dimensional coordinates p into the linear index d :

d = hilbert(p::Vector{T}, ndims, nbits = 32) where T <: Integer

All coordinates are positive integers (zero included). The number of bits nbits determines the precision of the curve, and the algorithm work under the constrain:

  • ndims * nbits <= 64


License from the original code:

 * This software is copyrighted by Rice University.  It may be freely copied,
 * modified, and redistributed, provided that the copyright notice is 
 * preserved on all copies.
 * There is no warranty or other guarantee of fitness for this software,
 * it is provided solely "as is".  Bug reports or fixes may be sent
 * to the author, who may or may not act on them as he desires.
 * You may include this software in a program or other software product,
 * but must display the notice:
 * Hilbert Curve implementation copyright 1998, Rice University
 * in any place where the end-user would see your own copyright.
 * If you modify this software, you should include a notice giving the
 * name of the person performing the modification, the date of modification,
 * and the reason for such modification.

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