Julia interface to rust implementation of the HNSW algorithm (Malkov Yashunin 2016)
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This package provides an interface to a rust implementation of the paper by Yu. A. Malkov and D. A. Yashunin:
"Efficient and Robust approximate nearest neighbours using Hierarchical Navigable Small World Graphs" (2016, 2018)

The package provides Approximate Near Neighbour search for Vector of numeric types (i.e Vector{T} where T <: Number) and different associated standard distances.

T can be instantiated by Float32, UInt8, UInt16, UInt32, Int32.
Distances can be L1, L2, Cosine and Dot for float values and L1, L2, Hamming and Jaccard for integer values. It is also possible one's own distance function by using julia callbacks compiled with the macro @function.

  • Note : Dot is just the Cosine Distance but vectors are assumed normalized to 1. by user before entering insertion and search methods.

The implementation relies on a Rust multithreaded, templated library with SIMD avx2 acceleration for Float32 values and L1, L2, and Dot.

Rust installation and crate hnsw-rs installation

run :
curl -sSf | sh

The hnsw_rs package can be downloaded from Hnsw or soon from

  • compilation of rust library. By default the rust crate builds a static library. The Building paragraph in the file of the rust crate, describes how to build the dynamic libray needed for use with Julia.

  • Then push the path to the library in Base.DL_LOAD_PATH (see this package function setRustlibPath(path::String)


Licensed under either of

at your option.

This software was written on my own while working at CEA, CEA-LIST

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