You can't hide from the Fuzz
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Hot Fuzz

Provides a simple tracer for Julia code, based on plans for world domination me and @carnaval came up with while high at JuliaCon 2015. No guarantees of code reliability, correctness, fitness for a given purpose or even basic coherence are provided.

import HotFuzz: trace!, runtrace

trace!(@which(gcd(1, 1))) # Enable tracing of a method
runtrace(gcd, rand(0:100), rand(0:100)) # Trace a call of the function

runtrace returns a tuple (result, trace). trace is an array of tuples (Branch, Bool); each Branch represents a gotounless in a given source code location, and the bool tells you whether the goto ran.

The original idea was for this to be used as a heuristic for guiding fuzz testing in the vein of American Fuzzy Lop. I also think it could be used to generate a set of test cases for a function without needing an invariant. However, it needs more in the way of heuristics for interesting traces, data generation and mutation etc.