Julia interface to the HSA runtime, for supporting AMD GPUs
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HSARuntime.jl - Julia interface to the HSA runtime

Deprecated, please use AMDGPU.jl



  • ROCR
  • ROCT
  • Recent Linux kernel with AMDGPU and HSA enabled

Setup Instructions

Currently, the requirements to get everything working properly is a bit poorly documented in the upstream docs for any distro other than Ubuntu. So here is a list of requirements I've found through the process of making this work:

Make sure /dev/kfd has a group other than root that you can add your user to. I recommend adding your user to the "video" group, and setting the ownership of /dev/kfd to root:video with 660 permissions. Or, run as root! (Don't actually do this)

The correct libraries in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH or standard library locations:

  • libhsa-runtime64.so
  • libhsakmt.so

In terms of Linux kernel versions, just pick the newest one you can (I'm running 4.20 as I type this). If building your own kernel, make sure all the regular AMDGPU and HSA options are enabled.

You will also need ld.lld installed on your system (provided by LLVM/Clang); if you built Julia from source, you should have a copy somewhere in deps/scratch/llvm-*/*/bin/ that you can add to your PATH.

Once all of this is setup properly, you should be able to ] build HSARuntime successfully; after that, if you have a supported GPU attached and enabled, ] test HSARuntime should work exactly as you might expect.


  • Document some key Linux kernel config options to have enabled
  • Make deps/wrap.jl use system-installed HSA headers