DEPRECATED! Basic, non-blocking HTTP server in Julia.
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This project is deprecated. Please use HTTP.jl


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HttpServer HttpServer HttpServer HttpServer

This is a basic, non-blocking HTTP server in Julia.

You can write a basic application using just this if you're happy dealing with values representing HTTP requests and responses directly. For a higher-level view, you could use Mux. If you'd like to use WebSockets as well, you'll need to grab WebSockets.jl.


Use Julia package manager to install this package as follows:



  • binds to any address and port
  • supports IPv4 & IPv6 addresses
  • supports HTTP, HTTPS and Unix socket transports

You can find many examples of how to use this package in the examples folder.


using HttpServer

http = HttpHandler() do req::Request, res::Response
    Response( ismatch(r"^/hello/",req.resource) ? string("Hello ", split(req.resource,'/')[3], "!") : 404 )

server = Server( http )
run( server, 8000 )
# or
run(server, host=IPv4(127,0,0,1), port=8000)

If you open up localhost:8000/hello/name/ in your browser, you should get a greeting from the server.

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