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A library that uses the hub cli to interact with GitHub. As hub wraps the git cli you need git preinstalled but you may also use it to call into git.


Hub, Hub.hub, Hub.push_secret!

HubCLI exports the module Hub which contains all functions. The decision was made to not to claim the Hub package name but to have everything behind the Hub module nevertheless. Also, qualifying the functions with the module name is considered good style for this package (as some visual marker since you're shelling out to interact with the 'hub').

Hub.hub(args...; [input])::(stdout::String, stderr::String, errorcode::Int)

shells out to hub passing arguments args. input will be passed as stdin.

Hub.push_secret!(gh_repo, pairs::Pair{String,Base.SecretBuffer}...)

Note: Shreds the passed SecretBuffers after usage. remote_gh_url be something like "rapus95/HubCLI.jl". pairs is a list of "key"=>value pairs where the value needs to be a Base.SecretBuffer.

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