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Distributed communication driven by GPU kernels

Hydrozoa.jl is a prototype to implement NVIDIA's GPUDirect Async technology in Julia, with the goal to allow native Julia GPU kernels written with CUDAnative.jl to efficiently trigger distributed memory copies. This allows for GPU-GPU communication without using MPI it builds on libgdsync and libmp from NVIDIA.

Low-level device interface

  • libmp
    • send
    • wait
    • signal
  • libgdsync
    • ISem32
    • release
    • wait

Low-level host interface

  • libmp
    • mp_init
    • mp_finalize
    • mp_request_t
    • mp_reg_t
    • mp_register
    • mp_send_prepare
    • mp_irecv
    • mp::mlx5::get_descriptors
    • mp_wait_all
    • mp_deregister

High-level interface

  • Implement all_gather