Statically-sized immutable vectors and matrices.
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March 2013

Dear friend:

The code in this repository, originally hastily written in the earliest days of Julia 0.2 to take advantage of the immutable structs feature which had just landed, was long ago made redundant by more than one better designed and maintained package.

Please instead visit StaticArrays.jl.


Tracy Wadleigh, original author.


Statically-sized immutable vectors and matrices.

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  • Julia 0.3: ImmutableArrays
  • Julia 0.4: ImmutableArrays


  • A function for generating vector and matrix types and methods up to an arbitrary dimension.
  • A default instantiation of types up to dimension 4.
  • Unrolled implementations of arithmetic operations and mathematical functions.
  • Unrolled matrix-vector and matrix-matrix multiplication.
  • Conversions between vectors and row/column matrices.
  • Conversions from AbstractArray and to Array.
  • Matrix determinant and inverse. (The current implementation roundtrips the data to/from Array.)


  • Automatic generation of types jumpstarted via Jay Weisskopf's gist.
  • Travis CI integration by Jay Weisskopf (@jayschwa).
  • Additional feedback and testing provided by Olli Wilkman (@dronir).


This package is available under the MIT "Expat" License. See