ZIP Archive Interface. Wrapper for Info-ZIP (and ZipFile.jl).
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This module provides support for reading and writing ZIP archives in Julia.

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Install via the Julia package manager, Pkg.add("InfoZIP").

Depends on the Info ZIP zip and uzip tools. If these are not installed the ZipFile.jl library is used instead.


InfoZIP.unzip(archive, [outputdir]) extracts an archive to files in "outputdir" (or in the current directory by default).

InfoZIP.unzip("", "/tmp/")

InfoZIP.unzip(http_get("", "/tmp/"))

High level interface

Use open_zip open a ZIP Archive for read and/or write.

Use create_zip to create a new ZIP Archive in one step.

A ZIP Archive can be either a .ZIP file or an Array{UInt8,1}.


The result of open_zip(archive) is iterable and can be accessed as an Associative collection.

# Print size of each file in ""...
for (filename, data) in open_zip("")
    println("$filename has $(length(data)) bytes")

# Read contents of "bar.csv" from ""...
data = open_zip("")["foo/bar.csv"]

# Read "" from in-memory ZIP archive...
zip_data = http_get("")
csv_data = open_zip(zip_data)["bar.csv"]

# Create a Dict from a ZIP archive...
Dict{AbstractString,Any} with 2 entries:
  "hello.txt"    => "Hello!\n"
  "foo/text.txt" => "text\n"

# Create "" with two files...
open_zip("", "w") do z
    z["hello.txt"] = "Hello!\n"
    z["bar.csv"] = "1,2,3\n"

# Create in-memory ZIP archive in "buf"...
buf = UInt8[]
open_zip(buf) do z
    z["hello.txt"] = "Hello!\n"
    z["bar.csv"] = "1,2,3\n"
http_put("", buf)

# Add a new file to an existing archive"...
open_zip("", "r+") do z
    z["newfile.csv"] = "1,2,3\n"

# Update an existing file in an archive"...
open_zip("", "r+") do z
    z["newfile.csv"] = lowercase(z["newfile.csv"])


create_zip([destination], content) creates a ZIP archive from "content' in a single step. If "destination" is omitted the archive is returned as Array{UInt8}.

# Create archive from Dict...
create_zip("", Dict("hello.txt" => "Hello!\n",
                           "bar.csv" => "1,2,3\n"))

# Create archive from Pairs...
create_zip("", "hello.txt" => "Hello!\n",
                      "bar.csv" => "1,2,3\n"))

# Create archive from Tuples...
zip_data = create_zip([("hello.txt", "Hello!\n"),
                       ("bar.csv" => "1,2,3\n")])

# Create archive from filenames array and data array...
zip_data = create_zip(["hello.txt", "bar.csv"],
                      ["Hello!\n",  "1,2,3\n"])

# Create archive from names of files in the current directory...
create_zip("", ["hello.txt", "bar.csv"])
zip_data = create_zip(["hello.txt", "bar.csv"])

Based on fhs/ZipFile.jl#16, thanks @timholy