InPlace.jl - in-place operations where possible
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InPlace.jl - in-place operations where possible

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using InPlace
a = big"1"
b = a
@inplace b += 2
a   # is now also equal to 3


This package exposes a single macro, @inplace, which applies the operation in its expression argument in-place on the left-hand side (if it is mutable).


@inplace a = f(args...)
@inplace a += expr

In the case where a is mutable, it is an implementation detail whether its value is actually modified. For this reason, one should use this operation only on values for which the current stackframe holds the only reference; e.g. by using deepcopy.

In this version of the package, it is only the +,- (unary and binary) and * operations that are done in-place, and only for BigInt operands.


This package was created for speeding up PolynomialRings.jl.

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