A Julia package to calculate International Standard Atmosphere data
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ISAData is a Julia package that can be used to calculate thermodynamic properties of air (density, pressure, temperature, and viscosity) at a certain altitude in the atmosphere using the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) model.


ISAData can be installed from Julia's REPL with the following command:

]add ISAData


The package contains only one exported function called ISAdata. The function is called with the altitude as the input parameter, and it returns a tuple containing the values for density, pressure, temperature, and dynamic viscosity. For example:

julia> using ISAData

julia> ρ, P, T, μ = ISAdata(10000)
(0.4136571526878796, 26510.092578167572, 223.25492665430897, 1.461852633009453e-5)

where all quantities are in SI units.

ISAdata also supports the Quantity type provided by the Unitful package. For example:

julia> using Unitful

julia> ρ, P, T, μ = ISAdata(10u"km")
(0.4136571526878796 kg m^-3, 26510.092578167572 Pa, 223.25492665430897 K, 1.461852633009453e-5 Pa s)

Here, output values are also of the type Quantity, and this provides the flexibility to convert quantities into different units:

julia> P |> u"lbf/ft^2"
553.6747950560401 lbf ft^-2

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