Approximate and phonetic matching of strings
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Build Status JellyFish

Port of the jellyfish string comparison library.

All underlying functions in jellyfish are written in c, this packages just calls those functions directly.

JellyFish.jl is subject to the BSD-3 license as per the original jellyfish module.

Included Algorithms

String comparison:

  • Levenshtein Distance
  • Damerau-Levenshtein Distance
  • Jaro Distance
  • Jaro-Winkler Distance
  • Match Rating Approach Comparison
  • Hamming Distance

Phonetic encoding:

  • American Soundex
  • Metaphone
  • NYSIIS (New York State Identification and Intelligence System)
  • Match Rating Codex

Basic usage:

using JellyFish

@show jaro_winkler("jellyfish", "smellyfish")
@show jaro_distance("jellyfish", "smellyfish")
@show hamming_distance("apple", "pear")
@show levenshtein_distance("jellyfish", "smellyfish")
@show damerau_levenshtein_distance("jellyfish", "jellyfihs")
@show soundex("jellyfish")
@show metaphone("jellyfish")
@show match_rating_codex("jellyfish")
@show match_rating_comparison("jellyfish", "jellyfihs")
@show nysiis("jellyfish")


jaro_winkler("jellyfish","smellyfish") => 0.8962962962962964
jaro_distance("jellyfish","smellyfish") => 0.8962962962962964
hamming_distance("apple","pear") => 5
levenshtein_distance("jellyfish","smellyfish") => 2
damerau_levenshtein_distance("jellyfish","jellyfihs") => 1
soundex("jellyfish") => "J412"
metaphone("jellyfish") => "JLFX"
match_rating_codex("jellyfish") => "JLLFSH"
match_rating_comparison("jellyfish","jellyfihs") => true
nysiis("jellyfish") => "JALYF"