Advanced testing toolset for the Julia programming language
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⚠️ Attention ⚠️: From Julia v1.7, JETTest.jl is deprecated and its functionalities have been moved to JET.jl. In short, you use JET.@report_opt/JET.report_opt/JET.@test_opt/JET.test_opt instead of JETTest.@report_dispatch/JETTest.@report_dispatch/JETTest.@test_nodispatch/JETTest.@test_dispatch. More detailed documentation can be found at JETTest.jl is still supported on Julia v1.6, but there won't be any more development.

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JETTest.jl is an advanced testing toolset for the Julia programming language. It automatically detects otherwise-overlooked problems, and helps you keep your code to be faster and robust.

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