Generate Julia set images
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Generate Julia set images. This is created primarily as an example for JuliaBox hosted REST APIs.

To use this as a REST API with JuliaBox:

  • Login to JuliaBox
  • Open the JuliaBox settings tab (click the wrench icon on top right)
  • Go to the section that says Published APIs. If you don't see it, it's probably not enabled for you. Please write to admin@juliabox.org or leave a message in the JuliaBox forum and someone will enable it for you.
  • Register a new API:
    • think of a unique API name (<your_name>_juliaset is probably a good choice)
    • use the following as command: Pkg.clone("https://github.com/tanmaykm/Juliaset.jl.git"); using Juliaset; Juliaset.serve_juliabox();
    • point the description URL to somewhere nice (or maybe to https://github.com/tanmaykm/Juliaset.jl)
  • Your REST API is now ready. Try the following URLs on your browser. Replace <api_name> with your chosen name.
    • https://api.juliabox.org/<api_name>/juliaset/ to get a random Julia set
    • https://api.juliabox.org/<api_name>/juliaset/<random_float>/<another_random_float> to get one of your choice