Learn Julia from the REPL.
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How to test drive

using Pkg
using JuliaTutor



  • Create a package an end user can Pkg.add("JuliaTutor")
  • The package will display a menu of "lesson plans" when the user executes menu()
  • Those lesson plans will hold a new users hand as they learn the language.
  • Although advanced lessons could be placed in here, it's pretty out of scope.
  • Novice level topics like:
    • Hello World (+ pipes + basic string concatenation).
    • Defining vectors/matrices (+ broadcast operations)
    • The world is your oyster...

Current "Design" (high-level)

  • JuliaTutor.jl reads lessons in /Lessons/ and displays a menu which allows users to interactively learn from.
  • Lessons contain(see HelloWorld.jl for an example)