Julia package for working with Keldysh Green's functions
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Keldysh.jl provides a set of tools for working with non-equilibrium Keldysh Green's functions. It contains types to represent contours, grids defined on these contours, and two-time Green's functions defined on these grids. Additionally, it provides functions for generating Green's functions, performing integration on a contour and hdf5 serialization.

Credit to Andrey Antipov and Igor Krivenko for designing a first version of the abstractions implemented here.


The following code generates a non-equilibrium Green's function from a spectral density and saves it to an hdf5 archive

using Keldysh, HDF5

contour = twist(Contour(full_contour, tmax=1.0, β=5.0))
grid = TimeGrid(contour, npts_real=11, npts_imag=51)
dos = Keldysh.flat_dos(D=10.0)
gf = dos2gf(dos, grid)
h5write("output.h5", "/gf", gf)

anderson_nca.jl implements a NCA solver for the anderson impurity model using Keldysh.jl.