Simple patterns supporting working with threads in Julia
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This package is WIP and not fully tested. Use with care (tmap! should be safe to use).

Simple patterns supporting working with threads in Julia. Functionalities:

  • tmap!, tmapreduce functions. They are designed for relatively expensive mapping f;
  • trandjump and TRNG are for random number generators ready for threading
  • getrange is a function returning a range of indices to traverse in a given thread it is designed for cases when we handcode loop inside @threads macro (usually when mapping f is cheap and e.g. can benefit from @simd); see test/summation.jl for example usage

Comparison of performance tmap! threading with copied random number generators and standard @Threading.threads. Tests run on 16 core AWS c4.4xlarge instance by running src/ We measure time using @time so tmap! has more of precompilation overhead reported.