K-vector type for geometric algebra
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Note: this package is no longer maintained. All the Types and methods have been moved to the Multivectors.jl Package.


The KVectors Julia package defines the KVector Type to represent linear combinations of k-blades.

All Blades in a given KVector have the same grade.

This is the main object in Grassmann Algebra.

KVectors essentially extends the algebras and Types defined in Blades with the + operator. This allows for a vector space of Blades.

Most operators that act on Blades can act on KVectors. Notable exceptions are the inner product and geometric product *. These can not, in general, operate on KVectors as they could result in a mixed grade vector. The KVectors algebra is not closed under such operators. For mixed grades you need Multivectors.

See the documentation of Blades for more information.

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