Numbers used as labels like page number like alpha, roman numerals or prefixed like A-1,2 etc.
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Numeric quantities are used sometimes for pure representational purposes without any true a numeric significance. For example, the page numbering is carried out using simple arabic numerals, roman numerals, alphabets. These numbers have additive properties but may not have any multiplicative significance. Such numbers can also have prefix notations as well. In some cases, the representation can be in upper case or lower case as well. This package implements such a numerals. Such numeric schemes are used as page numbers in PDF file specification. However, the need may be felt else where as well, which prompted the author to implement it as an independent package. The interface has been also influenced significantly by the RomanNumerals package.


LabelNumerals introduces the following new types:

  1. LetterNumeral - A, B, ..., Z, AA, BB, ..., ZZ, AAA... (group of 26 characters each)
  2. ArabicNumeral - 1, 2, 3, ...
  3. LookupNumeral - Mapped strings to integers like English words "One", "Two" etc.
  4. AlphaNumNumeral - Alphabets representing numbers like BA, BB, BC etc.

It also supports RomanNumeral from RomanNumerals package.

They support ability to provide a string prefix. The prefix does not get incremented as numbers are incremented.






Pull requests adding functionality are welcome (but please take note of the style guidelines)

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