Parse XML files created by LabVIEW
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In LabVIEW you can generate XML strings via the Flatten To XML VI. If we have an XML file generated by LabVIEW with the following content,


we can parse it with:

julia> import LabViewXML
julia> d = LabViewXML.readxml("/path/to/file.xml")
Dict{String,Any} with 2 entries:
  "MyI8"      => 4
  "MyI64"     => 42

The types will be parsed correctly:

julia> d["MyI8"] |> typeof

Clusters will be parsed as Dict.

Known Issues

The package was only tested with relatively simple XML files.

  • Only a limited number of LabVIEW types is supported at the moment.
  • The top level of the XML file has to be a <Cluster> element

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