A simple to use language detection package written in Julia using bigarms, trigrams and quadrigrams. 25 default languages with a built-in option to train new ones.
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A simple Julia package for language detection using bigrams, trigrams and quadrigrams.

The Julia package is designed to detect most common languages accurately and train any language that has Wikipedia pages (>200) on demand. It use consensus approach rto guess language rather than only trigrams to improve accuracy. It is the first Julia package that use quadrigrams in language detection.

Installation Instructions

using Pkg

Basic Usage

using LanguageFinder

L = LanguageFinder.LanguageFind
L("This is a ship.", 0).lang

The struct takes two parameters; text and ngram. Ngram = 0 is a consensus (of bigram, trigram and quadrigram) and default parameter. It is slower than single ngram evaluation but more accurate. If speed is the concern, ngram parameter can take 1,2,3,4 representing unigram, bigram, trigram and quadrigram check. Trigram and quadrigrams are reliable. Prefer bigrams for languages like Chinese or Japanese where single character represent a word and there are not enough training set.

There are 25 default languages, each trained from approximately 500 wikipedia articles. The languages included;

  1. AR - Arabic
  2. CS - Czech
  3. DA - Danish
  4. DE - German
  5. EL - Greek
  6. EN - English
  7. ES - Spanish
  8. FA - Persian
  9. FI - Finnish
  10. FR - French
  11. HE - Hebrew
  12. HI - Hindi
  13. HU - Hungarian
  14. IT - Italian
  15. JP - Japanese
  16. KO - Korean
  17. NL - Dutch
  18. NO - Norwegian
  19. PL - Polish
  20. PT - Portuguese
  21. RU - Russian
  22. SV - Swedish
  23. TR - Turkish
  24. UK - Ukrainian
  25. ZH - Chinese

Training New Languages / Improve Existing Weights

In some systems, the package directory may be read only. Make sure that C:\Users\USERNAME.julia\packages\LanguageFinder folder is not only read-only.

train_wikipedia_text("eo", 5, 15)

The function has three parameters namely language code, number of pages to train and number of seconds to rest. Please see List of Wikipedias for possible language codes (WP Code). There is no default page number. The default sleep seconds is 15 but can be changed. It is there to make sure that program treats Wikipedia servers fairly.

The function not only capable to train on new language but one can use it to override the default weights.

train_wikipedia_text("es", 1000, 5)

This would override the ngram files of Spanish language by using 1,000 Wikipedia pages instead of 500.

If you train your corpus using Wikipedia servers, please consider to support/donate the non-profit orgatization:

Release v0.1.1 - Relative paths are corrected for the linux and osx environments.

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