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Please Note

Documentation generation using Docile.jl and Lexicon.jl is being deprecated in Julia 0.4 and above in favour of Documenter.jl.

Any questions about using this package? Ask them in the Gitter linked below:

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Lexicon is a Julia package documentation generator and viewer.

It provides access to the documentation created by the @doc macro from Docile. Lexicon allows querying of package documentation from the Julia REPL and building standalone documentation that can be hosted on GitHub Pages or Read the Docs.

Lexicon separates the non-essential parts from Docile so that package load times are not impacted when documenting packages using @doc. See this issue for details regarding the split.


Lexicon is available from METADATA and may be installed via:



Package documentation is available for the stable and development versions.

Issues and Support

Please file any issues or feature requests you might have through the GitHub issue tracker.