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Problem: Polymake needs flint needs gmp Nemo needs antic needs flint needs gmp

Depending on the order of the calls to init two copies of libflint (and libgmp) are loaded. The ones coming from Nemo have the memory allocators set to use the julia allocators, while Polymake does not.

Later in the code I call libantic which calls libflint to alloc memory Then I call libflint to free the memory, as antic is a derivative of flint.

Now antic calls the 2nd copy of libflint, the one where memory management is done by the system

Thus the free from the 1st call to libflint crashes.

Alternative approach set all memory functions in all gmp's to match julia: fails as allocations in polymake are happening before Julia can change this.

Thus LoadFlint

which will only make sure that libgmp and libflint are in the process space and properly initialized.