A hackable Lyapunov exponents calculator
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LyapunovExponents.jl --- A hackable Lyapunov exponents calculator

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The aim of LyapunovExponents.jl is to provide an efficient research platform for computations related to Lyapunov exponents. This is (planned to be) achieved by exposing low-level APIs to Lyapunov exponents calculation.

At the moment, LyapunovExponents.jl is still at the very early stage of development and nowhere close to providing a stable API.



Wanted list:

  • Delay differential equations.
  • Partial differential equations.
  • Stochastic dynamical systems.
  • Poincar√© map.

Related works

  • ChaosTools.jl from the DynamicalSystems.jl ecosystem is another Julia library which provides easy-to-use, clearly written, well-tested, and well-documented Lyapunov exponents calculation.
  • eom is a Rust library which provides Lyapunov exponents and Covariant Lyapunov vectors calculation, on top of configurable ODE/PDE solvers.
  • (I'm sure there are more...)


The LyapunovExponents.jl package is licensed under the MIT "Expat" License. See file.