Sums-of-Squares optimization in Julia, powered by JuMP
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Mayday.jl is a naïve implementation of sums-of-squares (SoS) polynomial optimization through semidefinite programming (SDP), powered by JuMP and Julia.

SoS programming is used in control theory to search for controllers for a dynamical system (like a robot or airplane) and to find the set of states for which those controllers will be valid. To learn more about how SoS programming is used, check out


To use this package, you'll need an SDP solver with a JuMP interface. If you installed Mayday with Pkg.add(), then you've already gotten SCS.jl, a wrapper for the free SCS solver, and you're all set. You may also want to install Mosek, a proprietary solver, with Pkg.add("Mosek"). Mosek requires a license, but is free for academic use: and is generally faster.


Check out the examples folder for demonstrations.