Mel-Generalized Cepstrum analysis
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MelGeneralizedCepstrums.jl provides a mel generalized cepstrum anlysis for spectral envelope estimation that includes:

  • linear predicition analysis (LPC)
  • generalized cepstrum analysis
  • mel-cepstrum analysis
  • mel-generalized cepstrum analysis

The package also provides conversions, e.g, mel-generalized cepstrum to mel-cepstrum, mel-cepstrum to (linear frequency) cepstrum, mel-cesptrum to filter coefficients, and vise versa.

Note that this package is built on top of SPTK.jl. The package is designed to provide a Julia-like interface with a focus on the mel-generalized cepstrum analysis. A part of the core is re-writen in Julia from Speech Signal Processing Toolkit (SPTK).

Demonstration notebook

  • Introduction notebook: a brief introduction that shows how the mel-generalized cepstrum analysis works.

Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows



Related packages

  • SynthesisFilters.jl: speech waveform synthesis filters, especially from mel-generalized cepstrums
  • WORLD.jl: a lightweight julia wrapper for WORLD - a high-quality speech analysis, modification and synthesis system