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Wraps Metal in Julia. Takes ideas from other GPGPU packages in Julia.

  • This is an experimental package. It will probably not work, and it's not documented (yet) *


  • A Mac running macOs Catalina 10.15 (might also work on 10.14 but untested).
  • A discrete GPU is not necessary.
  • Cmake 3.9
  • Command line XCode tools
  • Julia 1.3


This package depends on a small C/ObjC dynamic library that exposes a C interface to julia and forwards those calls to Metal. This library is built during the build phase of MetalCore.jl.

Julia wrappers to this small C library have been generated with Clang.jl by running julia --startup-file=no --project=res/ res/wrap.jl from the project folder.

The package contains one sub-packge, called Metal, which contains the wrappers to Metal and a small julian interface. All C functions start with prefix Mt****, as well as types. Julia types that wrap them are prefixed by Mtl****.

The Metal subpackage is organised as follows:

  • src/Metal/api contains the auto-generated wrappers
  • src/Metal/wrappers contains Julia wrappers to native-C types, that expose functions more conveniently and auto-convert the result of some function calls to julia types
  • src/Metal/highlevel contains the implementation of higher-level methods (like unsafe_copyto! or unsafe_fill!)


The C library started by forking rcp/cmt, to whom goes the original credit. This package builds upon the experience of several Julia contributors to CuArrays.jl and RocArrays.jl.