Thermodynamic property models for use with Modia and other Julia packages
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This package provides thermodynamic property models for use with Modia and other Julia packages. The initial goal is to achieve a similar functionality as Modelica.Media, the standard media library for Modelica models, but with improvements based on Julia features such as multiple dispatch.

This package is under development and it is planned to provide all thermodynamic property models from Modelica.Media in this package.


This package is currently under development and is not yet registered. Julia 1.7 is required. Installation is performed via:

julia> ]add

ModiaMedia performs plotting via SignalTables.jl.

Version 0.1.0 of the package is described in Otter et al. (2019). Current version 0.2.0-dev has been (partially) adapted to SignalTables.jl.


  using ModiaMedia

  # Define thermodynamic property model to be used
  Medium = getMedium("N2");

  # Define the operating point where the medium shall be evaluated.
  p = 1e5    # in [Pa]
  T = 300.0  # in [K]

  # Set the medium-specific thermodynamic state from p and T
  # (could be also set from p,h, or p,s, or d,T, or
  # p,T,X, or p,h,X, or p,s,X, or d,T,X)
  state = setState_pT(Medium, p, T)

  # Update a state object with new values
  setState_pT!(state, p, T)

  # Call media functions (here to compute density and specific enthalpy)
  d = density(state)
  h = specificEnthalpy(state)

  # Print computed values
  println("data for p=$p, T=$T:")
  println("density          = ", d)
  println("specificEnthalpy = ", h)

  # List the available media

  # Plot the most important characteristics of the medium
  using SignalTables
  usePlotPackage("PyPlot")   # for details see SignalTables
  @usingPlotPackage          # using SignalTablesInterface_PyPlot
  standardPlot(Medium, plot)

The last command results in the following plot:


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License: MIT (expat)