[deprecated] Sinatra-like micro framework for web programming in Julia
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2015-09-03: This package is deprecated, and does not have an active maintainer. It is not recommended for use in new projects. Commit access may be given to anyone interested in taking on reviving, maintaining, or furthering development. If you are interested, please submit a PR that updates the package. An alternative package is Mux.jl.

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Morsel Morsel

Morsel is a Sinatra-like micro framework for declaring routes and handling requests. It is built on top of HttpServer.jl and Meddle.jl.

Installation: Pkg.add("Morsel")


Here is a brief example that will return a few different messages for different routes, if you run this and open localhost:8000 you will see "This is the root" for GET, POST or PUT requests. The line get(app, "/about") do ... is shorthand for only serving GET requests through that route.

using Morsel

app =

route(app, GET | POST | PUT, "/") do req, res
    "This is the root"

get(app, "/about") do req, res
    "This app is running on Morsel"

start(app, 8000)

Here is an example that:

  • Reads data from a csv
  • Runs a linear regression
  • Produces some interactive charts that can be viewed in your browser

The accompanying documentation is written for data scientists who have never written a web app before.

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