Robotic motion planning in Julia
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A Julia package containing motion planning code related to the following papers on robotic motion planning:

Install with


at the julia> prompt (and let me know if it actually works!).


Doesn't exist. At least for now. Check out some basic usage examples and peruse the source, or message me if you have any particular questions about the code.


  • This code is so alpha that if it was particle, it never would have made it past the paper planning phase.
  • This code is so alpha that if it was a gorilla, even King Kong would be intimidated by its immense load time.
  • This code is so alfa that if it was a car, Jeremy Clarkson would revel in its shoddy engineering.
  • This code is so alfalfa... you get the picture. In all seriousness, lots of things in this package are likely to change in the immediate future as I port in old code, reorganize things, and address some of the 50+ "TODO"s scattered throughout the code.