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The results from different experiments are written up as Issues in this package. The experiment writeups are all linked from the top-level experiment tracking issue, here:

Instructions for Running the Benchmark

The benchmark suite is set up to run via Pkg.test():

(MultithreadingBenchmarks) pkg> test

The testfile simply invokes test/runbench.jl which can also be invoked manually.


However, currently, which experiments are run is configured in test/runbench.jl, and is currently controlled by just commenting out the various experiments in that file (Sorry!). So just make sure when you run test/runbench.jl that the experiments are configured how you want them to be! :)

The test should automatically scale to the number of cores on your machine, though you may want to edit the const NUM_DATAPOINTS = 9 to be smaller if you have fewer cores.