Package for manipulation of sequences indexed by monomials, of multivariate series and their decomposition
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The package MultivariateSeries.jl provides tools for the manipulation of series indexed by monomial exponents, sequence of moments, linear functionals on polynomials and polynomial-exponential decomposition.


To install the latest version of the package within julia:

] add

or the registered package

] add MultivariateSeries


using MultivariateSeries

X = @ring x1 x2 
n = length(X)
d = 4
r = 4

Xi0 = randn(n,r)
w0  = rand(r)

L = monomials(X,seq(0:5))
sigma = series(w0, Xi0, L)

L2 = monomials(X,0:2)
L3 = monomials(X,0:3)
H = hankel(sigma, L2, L3)

w, Xi = decompose(sigma)


  • More information on Julia


  • Julia 1.0
  • DynamicPolynomials
  • MultivariatePolynomials

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