Versioned dictionaries following the mutable-until-shared (Mutts) discipline
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Versioned dictionaries following the mutable-until-shared (Mutts) discipline

MuttsDict{K,V} provides a dictionary similar to Julia's Dict{K,V}, but with versioning and improved worst-case asymptotics. Lookups (getindex) take O(1) time. Inserts and updates (setindex!) take O(1) amortized time on unversioned dictionaries. You can create a mutable copy of a dictionary (branch a new version) in O(1) amortized time, and setindex! on a fresh branch is Θ(n^(1/7)).

MuttsDict has been optimized for both space use and cost of immutable inserts. Space use for small dictionaries is low. For real-time or low-latency applications, MuttsDict offers a Θ(n^(1/7)) worst case insert/delete time, which is an improvement over Base.Dict's Θ(n) worst case.

MuttsDict implements the standard dictionary methods getindex, setindex!, length, setdiff, delete!, and iterate. It is not a subtype of AbstractDict, due to differences between the MuttsDict semantics and those expected by standard library functions on AbstractDict.

MuttsDict implements the "mutable until shared" philosophy for multithreaded programming. An object local to a single thread can be mutable, and enjoy the more efficient O(1) amortized insert/delete performance. When objects become shared, they should first be made immutable (by calling mark_immutable! or branch!) before sharing. Immutable MuttsDicts are read-only, and can be safely shared among multiple threads. For lockfree operation, a thread can branch a shared dictionary, modify it, mark it immutable, then write the pointer back with an atomic compare-and-swap.

Branching and versioning is handled by the mutts functions branch!, mark_immutable!, is_mutable, and get_mutable_version:

  • dict2=branch!(dict1) returns a new mutable copy of dict1, and marks dict1 immutable.
  • mark_immutable!(dict) marks dict as immutable. Once immutable, a MuttsDict can safely be shared by multiple threads.
  • is_mutable(dict) returns true when dict is mutable.
  • get_mutable_version(dict) returns dict if it is mutable, otherwise returns branch!(dict).