Mutable-until-shared data structures in Julia
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The interface for Mutable Until Shared data structures. (MutTS - Mutable 'Til Shared)


MuttsInterface.jl provides infrastructure for building versioned data structures that follow the mutable-until-shared discipline, providing all the benefits of purely-functional data structures (worry-free, lock-free, super fast concurrency), with the pragmatic programming and performance benefits of mutable data.

The @mutt keyword marks a struct as being mutable until shared, meaning that it starts out mutable, until it is branched-from or manually marked immutable, after which it is permanently immutable. This gurantees concurrency-friendly immutable data, while still allowing in-place construction of complex objects.

julia> @mutt struct S

julia> MuttsInterface.make_mutable_copy(rhs::S) = S(rhs.x)

julia> s = S(2)
S(true, 2)

julia> s.x = 3

julia> s2 = branch!(s)
S(true, 3)

julia> s
S(false, 3)

julia> s.x = 4
ERROR: AssertionError: is_mutts_mutable(obj)

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