Facilities for using natural units with Unitful.jl
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This package reexports Unitful.jl alongside two extra functions:

  1. natural, a function for converting a given quantity to the Physicist's so-called "natural units", in which

    ħ = c = ϵ₀ = kb = 1

    julia> using NaturallyUnitful
    julia> natural(1u"m")
    5.067730759202785e6 eV^-1
    julia> natural(3e8u"m/s")

    natural also accepts a keyword argument base (defaults to electron volts) which determines what unit your natural quantity is constructed from. Currently, the base unit must have dimensions of energy.

    julia> natural(1u"m", base=u"GeV")
    5.067730759202785e15 GeV^-1
  2. unnatural, a function for converting from natural units to a given unnatural unit such as meters

    julia> unnatural(u"m", 5.067730759202785e6u"eV^-1")
    1.0 m
    julia> unnatural(u"m/s", 1)
    2.99792458e8 m s^-1

Installation Instructions

To install, simply open the pkg prompt from the julia REPL by pressing ], and type:

pkg> add NaturallyUnitful

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