Neural-Network representation of Quantum Systems
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NeuralQuantum is a numerical framework written in Julia to investigate Neural-Network representations of mixed quantum states and to find the Steady- State of dissipative Quantum Systems with variational Montecarlo schemes. It can also compute the ground state of hermitian hamiltonians.

This code has been developed while working on Variational neural network ansatz for steady states in open quantum systems, by F. Vicentini et al. Phys Rev Lett 122, 250503 (2019).


To Install NeuralQuantum.jl, run the following commands to install it's dependcy. Please note that we require julia >= 1.3, and relatively recent versions of several packages.

using Pkg

Alternatively you may activate the project included in the manifest that comes with NeuralQuantum.


Check the folder Examples/ for a few interesting examples.