Wrapper of the NOAA Climate Data API in Julia
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This package is a wrapper for NOAA observation data. Currently two data sets are supported:

  • GHCND - Daily observations
  • GSOM - Monthly observations

Note: This package only supports Julia v0.6




Usage is fairly simple - an API key from NOAA is required:

First, create the NOAA data object:

apikey = "<your api key here>"
noaa = NOAA(apikey)

Let's get some daily ob data from Central Park, NY (You must use the GHCND station id, which for Central Park is: GHCND:USW00094728)

stationid = "GHCND:USW00094728"
startdate = Date(2015, 1, 1)
enddate = Date(2015, 12, 31)

The main method to get data is: get_data_set:

results = get(GHCND(), noaa, startdate, enddate, stationid)

This returns a NOAADataResult object, which you can use to generated more meaningful data structures. Currently this package supports DataTables and IndexedTables:

dt = DataTable(results)
it = IndexedTable(results)

See those packages for more info on working with data sets in those structures.

More info about the API and the data fields is available here: