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This package is no longer maintained.

This package is notification tools for Julialang.

using Notifier
notify("Task completed")

Screenshot of a Notification


  • Linux and macOS
    • popup notification (desktop notification)
    • sound notification
    • say notification (Read a given message aloud)
    • email notification
    • count up and count down timer
  • Windows (Experimental)
    • popup notification (desktop notification)
    • sound notification
    • say notification (Read a given message aloud)
    • count up and count down timer


using Pkg

Setup for Linux user

Before using Notifier.jl, you need to install following softwares in your Linux system.

  • libnotify for a desktop notification
  • mail for an e-mail notification
  • aplay (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) for a sound notification
  • espeak for reading a given message aloud
$ sudo apt install libnotify-bin alsa-utils espeak mailutils heirloom-mailx bsd-mailx

This package uses mail command to notify by e-mail. You may need some settings in advance. If following command works correctly, you don't need further setting.

$ echo test | mail -s foo


popup notification

using Notifier
notify("Task completed")
# defalut title is "Julia".
# You can change the title by title option.
notify("Task completed", title="foofoo")
notify("Task completed", sound=true) # with sound
notify("Task completed", sound="foo.wav") # Specify a sound file (for Linux and Windows)

Screenshot of a Notification

Screenshot of a Notification

Screenshot of a Notification

sound and say notification

alarm() # only sound. You can specify a sound file, alarm(sound="foo.wav")
say("Finish calculation!") # Read aloud

e-mail notification

email("message", To="") # default subject is set by date.
email("message", subject="result", To="")

If you use email function frequently, I recommend you to register your email address by register_email function.

julia> register_email()
Type your desired recipient e-mail address to receive a notification.

Recipient e-mail address is saved at /path/to/.julia/v0.6/Notifier/email/address.txt.
If you want to change the address, modify /path/to/.julia/v0.6/Notifier/email/address.txt directly or run register_email() again

After you registered, you don't need to specify e-mail address.



When the specified time limit has been reached, notify by sound.

h,m,s = 1,2,3
countup(h,m,s) # Hour, Minute, Second


Inspired by OSXNotifier.jl.

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