Julia package for fun or non-standard color palettes
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This package is intended to be a lightweight package for non-standard color palettes. Unlike Color.jl, there is not (necessarily) any theoretical underpinnings to these palettes. Color palettes provided within this package may represent Internet memes, generalized color palettes seen in advertising or on television/movies, or just aesthetically pleasing colors.

If you are visualizing data for presentation or publication, you should validate that any of these color schemes provide acceptable contrast when printed in Black & White, are appropriate for colorblind individuals and any other considerations.

The color palettes are stored and exported in a plain Julia Dict type, named ColorDict


Contributions are absolutely welcome; however, please be sure that any color palette/package code is licensed under the terms of the MIT "Expat" license or more permissive.

To submit a contribution, submit a pull request where the data file has the same structure as WesAnderson.json: the file name represents what the color palette will be called, with the values in the text file as JSON where each key is a AbstractString and its value will be an AbstractArray of hex codes.


To see renderings of each palette, see the documentation

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