Enhanced ConsoleLog, with the ability to overwrite messages.
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A enhanced console logger for the julia REPL.
kinda experimental, kinda abandoned

For a while this package was merged into OhMyRepl.jl (in #130). It was pulled out because turns out to have weird interactions when starting early in the process., also it doesn't interact well with mixing logging withe println


  • Log-Message can be overwritten
    • this always occurs if the overwrite_lastlog=true kwarg is passed fo @info/@warn/etc
    • this never occurs if the overwrite_lastlog=false kwarg is passed fo @info/@warn/etc
    • otherwise, this occurs if it the log message is from the same source (e.g. it is in a loop)
  • Progress bars will be displayed
    • if the named argument progress is used it will be displayed as a progress bar
      • It should have a floating point value between 0 (0%) and 1 (100%)
    • If any argument has a percentage string, eg "51.3 %", it also will be displayed as a progress bar.
    • Progress bars use the same overwriting rules as above.


Start it by running using OhMyLog.

OhMyLog should not be a dependency of your package -- it uses the standard Base logging infastructure. So users can chose to load it or not. If they don't the log message would just print to the console like normal. (Or if they have special logging setup, as is done in Juno etc, then that will happen.)


Demo with HTTP.jl