OpenStreetMap (*.osm) support for Julia 1.0 and up
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  • Package for spatial analysis, simulation and visualization of Open Street Map data
  • The plotting functionality is provided via a separate package OpenStreetMapXPlot.jl

The goal of this package is to provide a backbone for multi-agent modelling and simulation of cities.

The package can parse *.osm and *.pbf (contributed by @blegat) files and generate a Graphs.jl representation along the metadata.

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Linux and macOS


Agents travelling within a city


The current version uses at least Julia 1.5. However older versions will work with Julia 1.0.

using Pkg; Pkg.add("OpenStreetMapX")

In order to plot the maps we recommend two tools:

  • rendering the maps yourself with PyPlot or Plots.jl with backend - use the OpenStreetMapXPlot.jl package
  • rendering the maps with Leaflet.jl - use the Python folium package (examples can be found in the tutorial and the manual)

In order to install all plotting backends please run the commands below:

using Pkg
pkg"add Plots"
pkg"add PyPlot"
pkg"add OpenStreetMapXPlot"
pkg"add Conda"
using Conda
Conda.runconda(`install folium -c conda-forge`)


using OpenStreetMapX
map_data = get_map_data("/home/ubuntu/mymap.osm");

println("The map contains $(length(map_data.nodes)) nodes")

See the samples directory for a more complete example and have a look at OpenStreetMapXPlot.jl for a route plotting.

Obtaining map data

The simplest way to get the map data is to go to the Open Street Map project web page.

In order to obtain the *.osm file follow the steps below:

  1. Got to the area of your interest at
  2. Click the "Export" button at the top of the page
  3. Click "Manually select a different area" to select the area of your interest
  4. Press the "Export" button on the left. Note that sometimes the Export link does not work - in this case click one of the links below the Export button (for example the Overpass API link)


This code is a major re-write of project - available at .

Compared to the original package major changes include among many others:

  • New Graphs.jl is used for map data storage
  • Several changes with routing algorithm (currently finding a route in a 1 million people city takes around 150ms)
  • Added support for using Google Maps API for routing
  • Data structure adjustment to make the library more suitable to run simulations of cities.
  • Plots.jl with GR is used as backend for map vizualization (via a separate package OpenStreetMapXPlot.jl)

The creation of some parts of this source code was partially financed by research project supported by the Ontario Centres of Excellence ("OCE") under Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP) program, OCE Project Number: 30293, project name: "Agent-based simulation modelling of out-of-home advertising viewing opportunity conducted in cooperation with Environics Analytics of Toronto, Canada.