A Makie.jl recipe for plotting OpenStreetMap data.
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A Makie recipe for plotting OpenStreetMap data. It makes heavy use of the GraphMakie package and extends it to work with the specific features of an OSMGraph.

Please note that this recipe provides some opinionated (but hopefully sane) defaults for how the OpenStreetMap data should be plotted. However, users have full control over every aspect of the plot and can style them to their likings.


Basic usage

using LightOSM
using OSMMakie
using GLMakie

# define area boundaries
area = (
    minlat = 51.5015, minlon = -0.0921, # bottom left corner
    maxlat = 51.5154, maxlon = -0.0662 # top right corner

# download OpenStreetMap data
download_osm_network(:bbox; # rectangular area
    area..., # splat previously defined area boundaries
    network_type = :drive, # download motorways
    save_to_file_location = "london_drive.json"

# load as OSMGraph
osm = graph_from_file("london_drive.json";
    graph_type = :light, # SimpleDiGraph
    weight_type = :distance

# use min and max latitude to calculate approximate aspect ratio for map projection
autolimitaspect = map_aspect(area.minlat, area.maxlat)

# plot it
fig, ax, plot = osmplot(osm; axis = (; autolimitaspect))


London map


To enable edge inspection:



London map with inspection enabled

Inspection of nodes is disabled by default. Set inspect_nodes to true to enable it.

fig, ax, plot = osmplot(osm; inspect_nodes = true)
ax.aspect = DataAspect()


Buildings polygons can also be added to the plot:

# download OpenStreetMap buildings data
    metadata = true,
    download_format = :osm,
    save_to_file_location = "london_buildings.osm",

# load as Buildings Dict
buildings = buildings_from_file("london_buildings.osm");

# plot London map with buildings
# also directly provide a figure resolution and limits for the plot
fig = Figure(; resolution = (1000,900))
ax = fig[1,1] = Axis(fig; 
    limits = ((area.minlon, area.maxlon), (area.minlat, area.maxlat)),
plot = osmplot!(osm; buildings)


London map with buildings layer


All contributions are welcome!

  • If you need some inspiration what to work on, have a look at the TODO lists.
  • If you have a vague idea about a feature and it's not already on the list, get in touch via the discussion section.
  • If you already know what you want to add/fix, please feel free to open a new issue.

This recipe is currently written for use with LightOSM OSMGraphs but can be extended to work with other OSM backends as well. PRs regarding this are also very much encouraged!


Please refer to the LICENSE file included in this repository.