Example game written in julia using SDL2
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February 2018

Paddle Battle -- a simple game written in Julia.

A simple pong clone built in julia using the SDL2 library.

This repo is an example of building a complete game, compiled and distributed as a .app, written entirely in Julia! This game uses the package, which provides julia bindings for SDL2, for its graphics and keyboard/mouse input.

The game can be compiled into a complete, ready-for-release distributable via the build script (./ It simply invokes build_app.jl from NHDaly/build-jl-app-bundle to compile and bundle a macOS application from the julia code.

Building the game in Julia was lots of fun! Not least, live-editing code in Juno is really nice: Paddle-Battle-Juno-live-editing.gif


You can download the game for Mac here:

Or you can download it directly from the Releases tab on this github repo:


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

Please do go ahead and copy it, modify it, remix it, and sell your creation!