Ocean components for the PALEO biogeochemical framework
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Ocean components for the PALEO biogeochemical model.

NB: work-in-progress - this repo contains initial minimal examples only to test infrastructure.

Installation and running a minimal example


NB: requires Julia 1.6 or later. To check the Julia version:

julia> versioninfo()

Clone this github repository to local directory PALEOocean:

from a linux bash prompt or a Windows terminal,

$ git clone PALEOocean

Start julia and navigate to the PALEOocean/examples folder, and run setup.jl to configure the PALEOocean/examples Julia environment to use the local (downloaded) version of the PALEOocean package:

julia> cd("PALEOocean/examples")
julia> include("setup.jl") # use the local version of PALEOocean packages to allow local modifications

Running a minimal ocean transport example

Start julia and navigate to the PALEOocean folder, then:

julia> cd("PALEOocean/examples")
julia> import Pkg
julia> Pkg.activate(".") # use the PALEOocean/examples environment

julia> cd("transport_examples")
julia> include("PALEO_examples_transport_advect.jl")

Using PALEOocean Reactions from other models

The PALEOocean Reactions are available to the PALEO framework when the registered PALEOocean package is loaded (without downloading the repository), ie

julia> Pkg.add("PALEOocean")
julia> import PALEOocean