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A redo of the main Julia test/perf directory. Retooled to use Benchmarks.jl, this repository will spit out a bunch of .csv files into the test/results-$COMMIT directory (Where $COMMIT is the commit hash of the version of Julia you are running) and display small summary statistics as it does so.

To run a specific group of tests, use run_perf_groups(). For example, to run and output the .csv files for the kernel and simd performance tests, one would write:

using Perftests
run_perf_groups(["kernel", "simd"])

Test organization

Tests are organized foremost by group, then name, then variant. Not all tests are required to have variants, but they fit into a natural hierarchy when running the same test across multiple element types, for example. The resultant .csv files are named $group-$name-$variant.csv, for ease of access.

Test environment

Information about the test environment (the commit hash of this repository used to create the results, the word size of the running machine, the number of CPU cores, etc...) is saved in the env.csv file put into the results-$COMMIT directory when testing.