Utility for organizing your photos/videos (file renaming, adding directory structure)
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PhotoOrganizer is designed to organize photos (and videos) into a fixed directory structure archive (since manually managing photos is a waste of time).


organize_photos(src_dirs, dst_root, rm_src, dry_run)

Move and rename photos in src_dirs source directories to an organized dst_root destination directory.

The destination directory is organized as follows:


where season is Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter (depending of photo's date).


  • src_dirs::Vector{String}: dirctories containing photos to organize.
  • dst_root:String: the destination directory of organized photos.
  • rm_src::Bool: delete source photo if true. Useful if coming from SD card.
  • dry_run::Bool: if true then don't change anything, just print what would happen.


julia> rm_src=false
julia> dry_run=true
julia> organize_photos(["/media/hertz/NIKON/DCIM"], "/home/hertz/Pictures/Pictures", rm_src, dry_run)


The binary exiftool is required and it can be installed on Ubuntu with apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl.