Interface for local Plotly visualizations
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The main function defined in this package is plot(data, layout).

Plotly plots are fully specified by

  • data: Vector of Dicts, each represents a trace
  • layout: Dict

They keys inside of the dictionaries need to match the attributes from the Plotly documentation. Each JSON object is created by a Julia Dict, so nested objects are created by nested Dicts.


using PlotlyLocal, Colors

data = [
    Dict(:y => randn(100)),
    Dict(:y => rand(100), :marker => Dict(:color => hex(colorant"black")))

layout = Dict(:title => "My Title")

plot(data, layout)

To plot inline within Jupyter notebooks use the iplot method in place of plot.

The dictionary structure will look something like this when converted to JSON:

var data = [
    y: [0.118431, 0.660444, ...]
    y: [0.87696, 0.385333, ...],
    marker: {
      color: "000000"

var layout = {
  title: "My Title"


A big thank you to the folks at Plotly for going open source!